Dubbo Health Food

Organic and natural wholefoods

Great range of organic, gluten free, sugar free products.

We supply one of the biggest range of organic foods in Dubbo. For those people that are looking for real food products without all the additives that can cause digestive issues and other problems.

A sample of our range of organic and natural wholefoods

Honest to Goodness

Our main produce supplier. High quality nut, seeds, dried fruits and flours etc.

Sourdough breads

We take orders, and bread is delivered fresh weekly. From some of Australia's best sourdough bakeries. Ancient Grains and Healthy Bake. Spelts, kamut and other great sourdoughs. Yeast free.


Dairy free and sugar free. Real chocolate.

Mueslis and granolas

Companies like The Monday Food Co. Brookfarm and Paleo Hero.

display of suppliment shelf instore at Dubbo Health Food


Australia's most trusted supplement brands.

Some of our great Australian owned and produced supplement range.

Herbs of Gold

Dedicated to a holistic approach to health and wellbeing through quality and research based natural health formulas. Only available in Health Food stores.

Fusion Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine that supports good health.


Grass-fed collagen. Many people are unaware that most of the collagen comes from intensive piggeries in Asia of grain fed beef.

Fridge and freezer products

Sauerkrauts, kefirs, bone broths, organic beef, frozen fruits and vegetables. Cheeses and cashew cheese dips. Coconut yogurts and ice creams.

Fermented vegetables

A range of sauerkrauts and kim chi.

Organic dairy products

Variety of butter, cheeses, raw milk, kefirs and goat cheeses etc.

Frozen products

Frozen organic berries and vegetables. Coconut ice creams. Free range, organic meats, beef and poultry.

Organic skincare and makeup

We stock organic and natural skincare products without all the nasties.

Some of our range of organic and natural skin products.

Inika Organic

Healthy is beautiful. Certified Organic, 100% natural, mineral, botanical, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic makeup. World's first healthy makeup brand.


Organic beard, shaving and deodorant products.

The Good Oil

Great range of body oils and haircare products,

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