Mike and Kathy were born and raised on the land and they brought their two beautiful daughters Amanda and Jacqueline up in the same way. We desire and seek food that is nutritionally dense, so as to give our bodies the required balance of vitamins and minerals for a long and healthy life. Many years ago Mike and Kathy setup an organic beef property in the Central Tablelands of NSW. While researching soil and what makes it healthy and productive, we were constantly finding evidence showing that what we were doing in agriculture had a direct impact on human health. In the last 50 or 60 years we as a society have radically changed the way we produce food. There been an introduction of toxic chemicals, synthetic fertilisers and intensive animal production systems.

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Mike now trains and advises farmers on a more regenerative and holistic approach to working the land. Producing food should be about the nutrition and wellbeing of our fellow human beings, first and foremost. Our health food store supports our passion to see this come to life. Our aim is to leave this world knowing we led full, productive lives and were able to make a difference in the lives of others, leading them to live productive, happy and healthy lives.

We love this quote “let thy food be thy medicine”